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Circa 1880

Born and raised in Fort Worth, we grew up in a world where people are friendly, food is big, and freedom is everything. In fact, it never occurred to us that it could be any other way. Now there have been some rumors going around that we are Californians. And yes, we did just spend 12 years living in exile in Riverside, CA. But our time there only served to deepen our love and appreciation for the great state we call home.


When we first discovered Circa 1880, it was love at first taste, and we knew we had found the next chapter of our great adventure together. Circa 1880 has always been known for great food and great service, and now it's our dream to make it even better. We hope folks from all around will make the trip to come see us, and to discover the beauty of Baird. 


We are so grateful to find ourselves, once again, living deep in the heart of Texas. Because no matter where we go, or where we've been, Texas is always deep in our hearts.


Mark & Leslie Roberson

Rail Head Tavern

In the late 1800's as cattle drives moved across Texas, small camps sprang up along the trail for building the west bound railway. The railroad had arrived in Callahan County, crossing the Great Western Cattle Trail that carried millions of head of cattle to northern markets from South Texas.

 Pizza House

A family restaurant in basic setting. You order at the counter and grab a table with folding chairs. Pick up order from friendly staff. On Saturday on our visit, there was a 3-person country band: older singers who were terrific! Delicious pizza. Come with friends!


Was traveling towards Midland and decided to stop through for breakfast. The food was great as usual from Whataburger. The big difference was the outstanding service and friendliness of the staff. Was greeted when entered door by staff, was made to feel welcome as waited for my order, and management who was outside overseeing some work was also very friendly and welcoming upon departure.

The town of Baird was established in 1880 and became known as a "railhead town" because of its location on the railway line.  Cattle would load onto the trains in the Fort Worth stockyards and travel west.  Baird was a logical place to stop and let the cattle graze before continuing on to market.


Therefore we named our little place Railhead Tavern to honor the history of Baird and its West Texas history.


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